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Christmas Tree Fire Safety

Did you know that the winter months are the peak time for home fires? According to the National Fire Prevention Association, Christmas trees placed too close to a heat source cause more than one in every five fires each winter!

10 Tips to Ensure a Happy & Safe Holiday Season

Whether your Christmas tree is real or artificial, it can contribute to the spread of a house fire. Following a few simple safety tips will help ensure your holiday season stays happy and safe!

Here are 10 Christmas tree fire safety best practices.

Tips 1-4 apply to real trees. If you have an artificial tree, keep reading, though! Tips 5-10 apply to any Christmas tree.

  1. Select a tree with “fresh, green needles that do not fall off when touched.” If the needles aren’t fresh & green and they fall off when touched, the tree poses a greater risk of catching and spreading fire.
  2. Cut trees at a 45-degree angle.
  3. Water the tree every day!
  4. Do not keep a dry tree in your home or garage. When you are done with your Christmas tree or it has dried out, remove it from your home and take care of it properly. Does your community have a tree recycling event?
  5. Keep trees at least three feet away from heat sources. Most Christmas tree fires start because a tree was placed too close to a heat source!
  6. Make sure the tree is not blocking an exit or doorway.
  7. Do NOT include real, lit candles on any Christmas tree.
  8. Before adding lights to your tree, check them carefully. Are any wires frayed? Do any bulbs need replaced? Are they intended for indoor or outdoor use? Make sure the lights you’ve chosen are suited for the tree.
  9. Do not connect more light strands than the manufacturer’s instructions recommend.
  10. Turn off your tree’s lights before going to bed or leaving your home.

Holiday Decoration + Candle Safety

Christmas trees aren’t the only fire hazards in December. 11% of candle fires occur each year in December, according to the National Fire Prevention Association. Holiday decorations and candles certainly add to the merriment of the season, but they can also increase the risk of house fires, unfortunately.

Read our recent blog on holiday decoration and candle safety best practices – Holiday Decoration + Candle Safety: How to Prevent Your Candles and Holiday Decorations from Starting a Fire – to learn more!

General Fire Safety

Additionally, here are some general fire safety best practices to keep in mind throughout the holiday season:


*This article was adapted from an earlier version published by Merchants on December 3, 2020.

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