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Personal Umbrella

No one expects to be sued in a court of law, but if it happens, the financial impact could be devastating and long lasting. Liability lawsuit judgments can easily exceed the coverage limits on your home and primary auto policies. If you ever have such a judgment placed against you, a personal umbrella policy from Merchants Insurance Group can close the coverage gap and safeguard your assets. With a personal umbrella policy, you will receive additional liability coverage above and beyond what is included in your home or auto policy.

Some of the built-in coverages of Merchants’ Personal Umbrella policy include:

Various Coverage Limits

Limits range between $1 Million to $5 Million in coverage.

Broad Liability Coverage

Provides coverage against a broad array of hazards subject to policy exclusions.

Defense Cost Protection

Provides protection for you in the courtroom when involved in a lawsuit. This coverage helps with defense fees and other legal costs.

Trial Loss of Earnings Coverage

We will help pay your lost income if you must appear in court.

Worldwide Liability Protection

Protects you and your family from a covered loss anywhere in the world.

Defamation, Libel and Slander

If someone damages your reputation through false statements you have the right to defend your name and character. These statements can be made verbally or in writing, including comments made on social media.

False Arrest or False Imprisonment

Helps defend you should you be held in custody without probable cause or without a court order.

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