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4 Steps To Implement A Successful Employee Wellness Program

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No company can be successful without paying attention to the well-being of their people — and people can’t be successful without feeling good every day.

So how do you install a wellness program that‘s efficient, smart, scalable and goal-oriented? Here are four steps Forbes Magazine recommends when implementing a wellness program at your company:

Wellness in 4 Steps

1. Determine the needs of employer AND employee. First, ask a simple question: What do employees need, and how do those needs fit with the goals of the employer? It’s impossible to answer these questions without assessing both sides. It is essential to understand the mindsets, challenges, and your audience first before laying out a framework for its path. This includes surveying not only the employees but also the employer. A simple health risk assessment (which your insurance carrier may offer) followed by biometric screens is a good way to assess problem areas.

2. Analyze the data and create a plan. Based on your survey data, try to determine what elements will work for the existing culture. Is it fitness classes that will motivate the employees, wellness workshops, individual health assessments, or some combination of the above? Combine wellness education with physical activity — otherwise, many employees will not take advantage of classes and programs they need to see real benefits.

3. Create a communication plan. Employers must create a communication plan that lays out the program’s framework and different methods (and times) to communicate the information to employees. This reinforces the importance of wellness.

4. Put an incentive plan in place. Reward employees for getting healthy and achieving results encourages the type of change needed to get a program off the ground and encourage a real shift in employee culture.

It takes time to break old habits and develop new ones; companies, like people, cannot approach wellness as a short-term or quick-fix solution. But getting started is easier than you think.
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