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Welcome to IDKs & FAQs: Insurance Defined with Merchants Insurance Group!

For the next few episodes, IDKs & FAQs will answer your questions related to claims with the help of Derek Guarino, Customer Experience Supervisor at Merchants Insurance Group!

What is an auto claim, and when should you file one?

In the first episode of our Claims Spotlight, Derek explains what an auto claim is, when to report it, and why it’s important to report your auto claim to your insurance.

Have Merchants auto insurance and need to file a claim? Here are three ways to do so:

  1. Log onto your My Merchants policyholder portal and click “Report a Claim.”
  2. Contact your independent agent directly.
  3. Call Merchants to report the claim: 1-800-952-5246.

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Insurance Defined with Merchants Insurance Group

We know that insurance can sometimes be a confusing and even intimidating subject, but it doesn’t have to be. In this video series, we break down various insurance topics for you and feature experienced insurance professionals to share their expertise.

Each episode will answer your questions, big or small, about property and casualty insurance (our specialty!) or even about general insurance terms and concepts.

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Explore other episodes of IDKs & FAQs: Insurance Defined with Merchants Insurance Group

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