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Your Online Marketing Strategy for Cyber Monday

By September 29, 2020December 2nd, 2022No Comments

Once you have your website and social media plans in place, review your online marketing strategies for your best Cyber Monday ever.

Review your marketing tactics for Cyber Monday

Make sure your holiday marketing efforts are well-planned, and sooner rather than later.

  • Review sales from last year to see what the biggest sellers were and which search keywords got the most responses1. Decide now which products or services to promote, as some will sell better than others. Businesses may even see increased sales by promoting products that similar businesses tend to ignore2.
  • Review your plans for SEO3: To make the most of SEO, or search engine optimization, make sure to update your keywords for online searches. Add product or category keywords that you expect to sell well this year. If you can afford it, put some of your money toward paid searches.
  • Review your email lists: Offer an incentive to your online visitors to encourage them to provide their email addresses to you. Follow up with targeted emails, and thank them for visiting. This also gives you a chance to let them know about various products, services, or offers you have.
  • Review your approach to new visitors with “retargeting”: Not all visitors make a purchase during their first visit to your site, as they may only be browsing or comparison shopping. To keep your business in the forefront, consider a retargeting banner ad campaign. Retargeting allows you to digitally follow visitors on the internet after they’ve left your site; it places banner ads on other sites visitors go to. As it focuses your ad dollars on those visitors who are already conscious of your business, it’s an effective way to spend your money.
  • Review your databases to make sure they can handle an increase in traffic4: Consider using a scale-out database, which can grow and update its functionality as more information is added as traffic to your site grows.
  • Review your plans for “worst-case scenarios”: During such a busy time, you’ll inevitably run into problems5. Make sure you have a plan in place to monitor your systems and sites so you can immediately start working immediately on any problems you may encounter. It’s also important that you make contact with your customers as soon as a problem happens.


  • Though it may seem obvious, don’t forget how important it is to have your staff well trained in not only the basics of customer service, but also in all the sales and promotions you’re offering and what your policies are for complaints, returns and so on6.
  • Prepare early for next year7: While you may not be able to get everything done this year, you can take some of these tips for next year’s plans. Keeping your website and social media accounts attractive and up-to-date throughout the year, and reviewing your overall marketing strategy periodically, makes it easier to take advantage of next year’s season.


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