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Dr. Gene Scherline, owner of the Genesee Valley Veterinary Hospital in Geneseo, NY

Dr. Gene Scherline, owner of the Genesee Valley Veterinary Hospital in Geneseo, NY

Earlier this year, Dr. Gene Scherline, owner of the Genesee Valley Veterinary Hospital in Geneseo, NY experienced a devastating loss: a tree fell onto his building. Together with his Livingston Insurance agent, we were able to help reduce risk of further damage, and make him whole so he could conduct business as usual as soon as possible. Following this, we were humbled to learn that Dr. Gene Scherline was so thrilled with the success of his claim experience that he took out an ad in his local Pennysaver thanking both us and Livingston Insurance for the quality of service he received. He also provided us with a testimonial statement of his story, below:

“My name is Dr. Gene Scherline. I own the Genesee Valley Veterinary Hospital in Geneseo, New York. On the night of Saturday January 11th a tree fell into the south end of my building. I got a call first thing on Sunday morning by my kennel attendant notifying me of the accident.

At that point I called my usual tree removal company and a roofer; who happens to be a client. The roofer went out to survey the damage and brought with him a local tree service he has used in the past. Between the two of them the tree was removed from the building and the damage to the roof was covered with a tarp; even on a Sunday!

I also contacted my insurance agent, Jan Rogers of Livingston Insurance by email sending him photos of the damage. The very next day I received a telephone call from Doug Garland of Merchants Insurance Group; my insurer. Doug was exceedingly helpful and understanding and immediately got a check out to more than cover the monies I paid the roofer and tree people.

Doug kept me apprised of the process that was going to occur and on Wednesday January 15th an insurance adjuster arrived to examine the damage. After several more weeks all the paperwork that needed to be reviewed was completed and a new roof was applied the week of February 17th. Doug kept in contact with me by phone, email and letter through the entire process.

Prior to this experience I have been told that insurance companies are difficult to work with, almost impossible to get reimbursed for the damages and often a lawyer is required. Working with Merchants has disproved this false rumor admirably.

I feel absolutely blessed to have the roofer that I picked, Jan Rogers as my local insurance agent and Doug Garland and Merchants Insurance Group on my side. I wanted other people to know about my good fortune and placed an ad in our local Pennysaver thanking them all.”

Merchants Insurance Group

Merchants Insurance Group

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