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Tom Tempeny Named Assistant Vice President, Operational Services

Merchants Insurance Group has promoted Tom Tempeny to Assistant Vice President, Operational Services.

Under his new title, Tom Tempeny will oversee the achievement of customer service standards at Merchants. Tom has been instrumental in Merchants’ Corporate Services for nearly 20 years, enhancing the company’s efficiency and creating the Corporate Services Support Center to assist Merchants’ regional offices with administrative tasks, including streamlining underwriting processes. Prior to his promotion, Tom was the Director of Corporate Services. He started at Merchants Insurance Group in December 2000 as Underwriting Systems Specialist.


Tom Tempeny, AVP, Operational Services

“The great culture cultivated at Merchants allows all colleagues to chart out a career path in their areas of interest. I am fortunate that I have had excellent mentors in my 23 years with Merchants; that has allowed me to advance my career in the operations area.”

-Tom Tempeny


Merchants Announces Four Officer-Level Promotions

Tom’s promotion is one of four internal officer-level promotions made at the company this month.

“I’d like to congratulate Dawn, Marc, Paul, and Tom on these well-deserved promotions and look forward to helping them continue to grow in their new leadership roles,” said Charles E. Makey, III, President and Chief Executive Officer of Merchants Insurance Group. “These officer-level promotions are a testament to our investment into our internal leadership development program. We’re proud to support the continuous career development of our employees and to see the longevity and growth of their careers with Merchants.”

Other recent officer-level promotions include:

Katherine Trautwein

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