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This is a traditional time of year to get family, friends and co-workers together for some celebrations and fun, but due to COVID-19, this year’s celebrations may look different for those remaining cautious and choosing not to gather. There are a number of ways, though, to celebrate the season safely and still get everyone “together” for virtual holiday fun.


For Workplaces:

  • Virtual meals – There’s nothing like the traditional workplace holiday luncheon or party to get in the holiday spirit. To get everyone together safely, you can send employees credits for a food delivery service, order from a meal delivery kit or send a box of assorted items from a subscription service.1
  • Also try an online for “virtual holiday team building” for more ideas.


For Families:

  • If you love an “ugly sweater party” you can do it virtually. Put on sweaters, make hot cocoa, and join others over any number of remote video sharing sites. Have contests for the ugliest sweater, the brightest sweater, etc., and give digital gift cards as prizes. You can also do a “Christmas pajama” or “dress up” party.2
  • Host a family talent show. Give everyone a pre-determined time, such as 5 minutes, and let the singers, dancers and actors take center stage. You can also record it (with everyone’s permission) and share with participants. If you have trouble coming up with ideas, try reading a holiday story or singing a holiday song.3
  • Have a holiday movie night. Get your household and other families and friends together virtually and watch the same movie. Get some popcorn and hot chocolate, and have everyone start the movie at the same time.4


For Families or Workplaces:

  • Play holiday music. Don’t forget to add some festive music for your group gathering.5
  • Cookies, of course. Most simple cookie recipes require only basic ingredients and equipment you have at home already.6 Have everyone bake and decorate their cookies while you are all on the call or have everyone make their cookies beforehand and share on the virtual call.7
  • Create a holiday recipe book. Ask your participants to share one recipe, and categorize by type of dish. Search for free online templates for the layout, and then send the completed collection to all participants.8


Games For Everyone:

  • Virtual scavenger hunts don’t take that much time. Before the party, send out a list of items to find, such as your winter coat, a favorite tree ornament, a Santa figurine, etc.
  • Christmas bingo is easy. Send everyone a holiday themed printable bingo sheet ahead of time and have someone serve as the bingo caller.9
  • Trivia games appeal to wide group of participants. Have someone be the host and ask Christmas trivia or general trivia questions. Everyone writes down their answers and the host announces the winner.10 For offices, you could also use questions related to your industry.11
  • Give your game of charades a holiday theme. Write down Christmas-themed prompts and send them to everyone before the call. Then take turns acting things out and guessing.12


With a little ingenuity, your celebrations will allow you to enjoy spending time with friends and loved ones, even if it’s only virtually.



*This article was originally published December 22, 2020



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