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Fire Extinguishers: 5 Safety Considerations

By October 9, 2019December 1st, 2022No Comments

A portable fire extinguisher can save lives and property by putting out a small fire or containing it until the fire department arrives, but portable extinguishers have limitations. Because fire grows and spreads so rapidly, the number one priority for people is to get out safely. Below is some helpful advice for adding a fire extinguisher to your premises.

  1. Use a portable fire extinguisher when the fire is confined to a small area, such as a wastebasket, and is not growing; everyone has exited the building; the fire department has been called; and the room is not filled with smoke.


  1. Choose a fire extinguisher that carries the label of an independent testing laboratory.


  1. Read the instructions that come with the fire extinguisher and become familiar with its parts and operation before a fire breaks out.


  1. Install fire extinguishers close to an exit and keep your back to a clear exit when you use the device so you can make an easy escape if the fire cannot be controlled. If the room fills with smoke, leave immediately.


  1. Know when and where to go. Fire extinguishers are one element of a fire response plan, but the primary element is safe escape.

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