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How to Use the Internet to Grow Your Contractor Business

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Update your website

  • One of the best things you can do for your business is to have a modern, professional website that lets potential customers see the value of hiring you. Your website should be clean, clear and show the work that you can do. Customers want to see photos of your work, the areas you specialize and the amount of experience you have.
  • A professional-looking website design is no longer expensive, and numerous online hosting and design sites help you create your own professional, eye-catching design at a reasonable price.
  • Keep your website updated. Your website acts as an “ambassador” for your clients. Make sure the basics, such as contact information (names, email addresses, physical location, telephone numbers, etc.), are current and the information is easy to find.
  • Remember to keep the design “mobile friendly”, meaning that the site displays properly on a standard computer desktop as well as a smart device such as a phone or tablet.
  • Visually appealing sites grab the searcher’s eye, so don’t forget to include photos of your business and any jobs you’ve completed.
  • Add new content on a regular basis, whether it’s updated photos of new staff or interesting and helpful tips about your business and area of specialty.
  • Gather email addresses of your clients, but make sure you have confirmed that you can email them marketing materials. An occasional email newsletter helps keep your business top-of-mind and can advertise new services, sales and special deals.

Social Media:

  • Your customers are using social media, and you should be, as well. Create your business pages on the more popular platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, making sure to add images of your work and all your contact information. Don’t forget to refresh your content frequently, as these platforms run off of sharing new content. Update with posts about your work, job updates and tips on home maintenance, for example. Active accounts reinforce your presence online and can help create leads.

Online Reviews:

  • Consumers like to get the opinions and hear the stories of other consumers. Look to sites such as HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List and Top Rated Local for leads and reviews.
  • A great review profile starts with your service.  Keep in mind that everything you do, from showing up on time to properly invoicing the job, effects your reputation. A plumber, for example, could include a testimonial from a business owner who called after-hours about a plumbing leak which was handled quickly and efficiently, resulting in keeping the customer’s business open and operational.
  • Monitor your website and social media pages and respond to online reviews, whether positive or negative, with professionalism and courtesy. If you face a negative review, have a feedback form or other means to professionally deal with negativity, and move the discussion off the platform into a more private area so you can deal with an unhappy customer in a way that de-escalates any bad publicity.

Your online presence beyond your website and social media:

  • Your online marketing presence is everywhere your brand, or business, is mentioned online. Google Alerts is another tool every business should use. It is a free automated web search service you can set up to receive alerts when your company has been named online. Results are then sent to subscribers by email each day.

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