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Important Steps to Get Your Flower Shop Ready for Valentine’s Day

By January 15, 2020December 2nd, 2022No Comments

Supplies – Start planning by mid-January

  • Flowers: While “freshness” is critical for flowers to be at their peak of beauty, ordering early is key. With supply being in great demand in the coming weeks, don’t wait until the last minute, but keep in mind how you can keep flowers and greenery fresh. Don’t be afraid to ask for price breaks from suppliers and order in quantities, but try not to over order and waste money or supplies.
  • Floral Supplies: In addition to the necessary quality tools, take the time to inventory and prepare all the extra materials you need, including floral wire, tape, tissue paper, etc. A variety of vases and different containers at different price points and sizes are also necessary, as not every customer can order the largest arrangement in the most expensive vase.
  • “Add-ons” to accompany flowers: In addition to flowers, order small gifts such as candy, stuffed animals, or balloons, for a complete gift package. Cross-selling can create additional revenue. A good quality “add-on” product has a long shelf-life, so they can last from one year to the next.

Store Appearance – Start by mid-January

  • Make your store look like “Valentine’s Day”. Not only do seasonally appropriate decorations get you in the mood for selling, but it also reminds your customers what day is coming up and provides a good chance to show off your wares.

Your Shop’s Website – Update by late January

  • Update keywords – Have your shop’s website updated by late January. Remember to include some Valentine’s Day keywords to increase your presence in web searches.
  • Products: Images of flowers and the arrangements you create to give your website punch. Make sure you have high quality and vibrant photos to show your talent and what you can create for someone.
  • Call to Action: Something as simple as a banner reminding website visitors that Valentine’s Day is approaching gives them a nudge. Provide simple instructions for ordering.
  • Valentine’s Day Policy: Clearly post your ordering and delivery policies. For delivery selection, guaranteeing a definite time is almost impossible, so provide a time range. Don’t forget to make this policy clear to your customers when ordering.
  • Promotions: Some businesses offer discounts such as a percentage discount or free delivery for the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. It’s a way of creating more business for you, spreading out the increase in business, and giving your customers a price break.

Employee Reviews – By early February

  • Employee Scheduling: Make sure employees understand what is expected of them and clarify your policy for any requested time off during the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day.
  • Extra Help: Hire any extra help you need this week, from assistants and designers to front counter help and delivery drivers.
  • Thank them! – Don’t forget to show appreciation during and after this busy time, perhaps with free flowers to bring home, and lunch, snacks, and beverages provided in the busy days leading up to the big day.

The Week of Valentine’s Day

  • Your Displays: Create bundles and display them throughout the shop. Add special offers for roses purchased with candy, stuffed animals or other gifts. Make sure these are visible for easy purchase for walk-in customers.
  • Single Roses: Don’t discount the single, wrapped rose, which has proven to be a popular item. Have a plentiful supply and place them near the counter.
  • Review Your Finances: As a business owner, the bottom line is critical, so make sure to review your daily sales and review reports of accounts payable and receivable frequently.

With preparations taken care of ahead of time, your Valentine’s Day should be a successful, smooth day to reap the rewards of your hard work and talent.

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