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The Value of Video Conferencing and Tips on How to Use It

By April 23, 2020December 2nd, 2022No Comments

Video conferencing can help to strengthen digital marketing and sales skills during this unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic, and that will also carry through and provide value during “normal” times.

Why is video conferencing valuable?

Video conferencing is an incredibly valuable tool, and this time where many people are working from home has made video calls that much more important for preserving and nurturing our existing relationships, and for building new ones.

  • Being at home for this long and away from one’s office can feel isolating, and video conferencing allows you to simulate that “one-on-one” conversation even though you’re unable to meet with someone face-to-face. This can be great for keeping up morale and spirit amongst your coworkers, as checking in with one another can help the team feel connected despite not being in the office together.
  • It provides increased connection and trust with a prospective customer, increasing the likelihood of converting the sale.
  • Video conferencing can nurture any relationship you already have with an insured, showing them you will go above and beyond to maintain your level of service, and also that you value them. Since many policyholders are going through difficult times, for you to give them that extra level of attention through a video call when they have questions or concerns about their policy can mean the world to them. This also increases their loyalty to you, thus making them more inclined to reinsure.
  • Staying relevant: Video conferencing supports your use of current technology to both insureds and prospective customers, letting them know that you are up-to-date with technologies on all fronts, which they will see as a positive.
    • Also consider that many of your competitors may be using video conferencing, and it’s important to keep up with the market, especially regarding new and prospective customers who may be used to the ability to video call with their prior or current agent.

How to Facilitate a Successful Video Meeting

Here are some tips to ensure you facilitate your video meetings successfully.

  • Test the video platform you’re using ahead of time, maybe with a family member or coworker, to ensure it works how you want it to and that you understand all of its functions.
  • Schedule the meeting with enough time for the attendee(s) to prepare. Since everyone is at home, people may not have their makeup on or proper meeting clothes, and it’s good to be sensitive to their privacy. Give them time to ready themselves to be on camera, or to put their pets in the other room, put a movie on for their kids in a different room, and so on.
  • Schedule a time that is appropriate for the content of the meeting, as people have short attention spans.
  • Start the meeting early. This way, you’re already there when the other party joins. People hate to open a video conference and end up waiting for the host.
  • Let your attendee(s) know if you’re recording the video, and if you do plan to record, ask their permission.

Conducting the Meeting

  • Speak clearly and loudly.
  • Smile! Look at the camera as if you’re looking at the person, don’t look down or at other things, as you’re still technically talking “face to face”.
  • Make sure the frame of your camera fits your entire face; you don’t want part of your face cut off by the edge of the camera frame.
  • Make sure your lighting is good. Natural light is ideal.
  • Use a background that is appropriate/clean and not distracting.
  • Make sure you’re wearing appropriate clothes.
  • Avoid picking up the camera device and moving during the call. It’s also better not to get up out of the camera frame during the call unless you absolutely have to.

Whether it’s during times when face-to-face meetings aren’t practical or at any time to bring people closer together, video conferencing is a valuable tool that should be in everyone’s business arsenal.

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