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Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips

Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it. Has your small business started planning?

In 2023, American consumers spent an estimated $26 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts and celebrations! Even those who don’t plan to celebrate still often mark the occasion, whether they choose “anti-Valentine’s” plans, self-care, or get together with friends.

According to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, the most common gifts consumers purchased and planned to give for Valentine’s Day include: candy, greeting cards, flowers, an evening out, and jewelry. If your small business sells any of these products or experiences, a strong marketing strategy can help make your business rise above the competition.

Not in the traditional Valentine’s Day market? No problem! With the right marketing strategy, your small business (even if it isn’t typically associated with Valentine’s Day!) can have a profitable holiday.

Florist prepares bouquet for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

Here’s everything you need to know as you prepare your Valentine’s Day marketing strategy at your small business!

Getting Started

Before you get started on this year’s strategy, think about last Valentine’s Day and review any records. What were your most popular items or sales? Where were there areas for improvement? Use last year as a benchmark to get started in setting this year’s goals — and make a list of specific goals to help guide your strategy.

Think about what new customers you may want to reach, what products you want to sell, or what you’ll consider a successful Valentine’s Day. This will help direct you as you create your marketing plan!

Developing Your Strategy

As you build your marketing strategy for Valentine’s Day, here are some things to consider.


Before developing your marketing strategy, think about your typical customer base. What age and gender are most of your customers? Consider the best approaches to reaching these demographics; for younger generations, for example, you’ll want to dedicate time to your social media strategy. If you’re looking to expand to new audiences, identify WHO you want to target. This will help you figure out HOW to best reach these potential customers!

Keep in mind:

While many customers may be looking for their romantic partners, remember that Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic partners. It’s a day for celebrating all types of love!

People buy gifts for their children, parents, friends, and even coworkers. Teachers often buy sweets or small, festive gifts for their students, and pet owners buy treats for their pets! Your marketing strategy should incorporate all potential customers.

If your marketing only targets those shopping for a significant other, your business will miss out on a lot of potential customers.


Encourage customers to come to your small business. Promotions are a great way to thank and reward existing customers and to attract new ones!

Have you considered what promotions your business will run for Valentine’s Day? Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm.

  • Offer Valentine’s Day desserts and/or specials that aren’t on the normal menu, such as heart-shaped pizzas or themed lattes!
  • When a customer makes a reservation, offer a gift certificate for a future visit.
  • Consider including a free dessert or appetizer with orders placed for takeout.

As you already know, this is one of the biggest days of the year for your business! Add reasons for customers to choose YOUR flower shop for their Valentine’s Day flowers by providing discounts or free delivery.

  • For a business such as a salon or spa, consider offering discounts for package deals on services.
  • Share treats with customers such as candy!
  • Try a Valentine’s Day raffle. Customers who book appointments in the month of February can enter to win prizes such as a basket full of hair products and treats, for example.
  • Offer incentives such as a free treat with purchases.
  • Provide deals like BOGO on special products, or other limited-time offers.
  • Increase sales with gift sets. If you sell items that go together well, consider creating gift sets at a discounted price. Items such as candles, soaps and lotions are complimentary.
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  • Create special items just for Valentine’s Day. Consider making special items created or sold once per year; a chocolatier, for instance, could make special heart-shaped candies and include cute sayings about love on larger pieces!


Having a functioning, user-friendly website is crucial. Your website should serve as a reliable resource for information on your business. Potential customers may visit to find your location(s), your hours, your product or service offerings, your menu, or your shipping procedures. Make sure all information on your website is correct.

Once you’ve made sure the content is all up to date, assess your website as if you are viewing as a potential customer. How is the user experience? Is the website easy to navigate? Here are some questions to ask yourself as you review the site:

  • Is the content on the website engaging?
  • Are there enough enticing photos to represent the business and its services?
  • Is the copy clear?
  • Test the website on different devices. Is it responsive and mobile-friendly?

When you have your promotions ready for Valentine’s Day, add this information on your website!

Social Media

Social media is one of the most efficient and inexpensive ways to get the word out about your business. It has immense power over people’s purchasing decisions, believe it or not.

Here are some fast facts about the power of social media for businesses:
  • The most common way consumers on social media learn about products is through targeted ads (49%, according to Sprout Social), followed by organic posts from the brand.
  • Social media influences buyers, particularly young consumers. 97% of Gen Z consumers use social media as their “top source of shopping inspiration,” and 72% of millennials say that social media has an effect on their purchasing decisions.
  • Social media was the top marketing channel of 2022, and 78% of businesses that utilize social media as a selling tool outperform the companies that don’t.
Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

If you aren’t already using social media as a marketing tool, now is the time to start! Encourage friends, family, and customers to follow your page(s); social media is the modern word-of-mouth.

Don’t post just anything, though. Vary your content to keep things interesting, and keep it relevant to your business or industry. Marketers use content calendars to help them organize what they want to share and to map out what they will post (and when!). Yours certainly doesn’t have to be as detailed, however; simply write down what you hope to share on each day leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Use your social media channels to highlight your products, services, and promotions for the holiday. Share important information such as your hours. Use high quality photos and short & sweet captions that include calls-to-action (for example, “View our website to learn more!” or “Call today to book your Valentine’s Day reservation!”).

Social Media Advertising

Want to try a more targeted approach at reaching new customers? If you’re confident in your social media skills, try creating an ad. This allows you to select the interests and demographics you wish to reach. Use ads to showcase products or services available at your business or to get the word out about your Valentine’s Day promotions. Word of advice, though: Make sure you read through these instructions and make your selections very carefully when you create your ad. If you are new to social media, it’s best to learn the platforms through organic posts first!


The last but certainly not least of our Valentine’s Day marketing tips: Decorate! 

If you’re going to celebrate the occasion with promotions and incentives for customers, have some fun with it! Decorate your small business with hearts and pink, red, & white decorations.

Create fun window displays with Valentine’s Day decorations and some featured goods. Make customers feel the love when they enter your store, restaurant, or office!

pastries, coffee, and latte with heart design on table at coffee shop on Valentine's Day


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This blog was originally published by Merchants Insurance Group on January 13, 2023. It was last updated on January 15, 2024.

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