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Insurance for Your Golf Course

Merchants’ Golf insurance is designed to insure “daily fee” golf courses that are open to the public. These courses typically have practice greens and a driving range. They may or may not have a snack shop, full-service restaurant, golf pro or a pro shop.

General Liability (GL) Insurance

Helps protect your business from claims involving bodily injury and third-party property damage. For example, if a customer slips and falls while at the golf course or if a customer’s personal property is damage while it is at your course. Merchants has liability coverages available to help protect your golf course such as:

Pesticide or Herbicide Application – Limited Pollution Coverage

All golf courses rely on the use of pesticides and herbicides to assist in the maintenance of the grounds.  This provides you with limited pollution coverage for bodily injury and property damage pertaining to pesticide or herbicide application.

Property Damage from Errant Golf Balls

This will cover damage to Property of Others and vehicles of others caused by a misdirected golf shot made on your course.

Liquor Liability

Covers damages because of injury imposed on you due to selling, serving or furnishing of any alcoholic beverage.

Cyber Liability Coverage (Not available in Vermont)

This optional coverage provides comprehensive data security and privacy coverage that addresses both first party losses and third party liability claims, expert claims handling and breach response services in the event of a suspected breach, and a risk management website which provides information, guidelines and tools to help mitigate risk before a breach occurs.

Commercial Property Insurance

Building and Business Personal Property Coverage protects you against loss to your physical assets such as your building, its contents, and your equipment including your golf carts. Merchants has property coverages available to help protect your golf course such as:

Equipment Breakdown

Equipment Breakdown coverage responds to the cost of repairing or replacing mechanical, electrical or pressure systems equipment that suffers a breakdown. Covered property can include refrigeration units, computers, phone systems and compressors for an irrigation system.

Business Income and Extra Expense

Provides reimbursement of net lost business income and continuing normal operating expenses due to the suspension of your business operations from a covered loss.

Golf Carts and Maintenance Equipment

Coverage provided for damage to golf carts and maintenance equipment used on the golf course premises.

Golf Course Grounds

Referred to as “Tee to Green” coverage, this is provided for the golf course grounds including tee, fairway and green areas. This can include damage to your course from a hailstorm or if a vandal drives across the fairways.

Golf Specific Property

Coverage is provided to replace or repair outdoor property unique to golf courses.  Some examples include course markers, ball washers, flagpoles, paved walkways and irrigation systems.

Flood and Backup of Sewers and Drains

Provides coverage resulting from flood, water back up from a sewer or drain, or underground water pressure.

Competitive Pricing:

Merchants Insurance Groups’ comprehensive liability coverage is priced on “rounds of golf” and there is no additional charge for driving ranges, practice greens or your golf pros.

Payment Options