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It’s been just over a year since Merchants Insurance Group adopted Hi Marley, a texting platform specialized for the insurance industry. Since its integration in August of 2018, Merchants Insurance Group has received many accolades and positive testimonials regarding Hi Marley. Those who have used the platform have reported a 4.75 rating out of 5 in customer satisfaction.

Hi Marley provides increased convenience for policyholders and claimants by allowing them to communicate directly with Merchants’ claims staff via text. Through this service, Merchants’ policyholders and claimants can receive updates and get real-time answers to questions without having to shape their schedules around phone calls.

Just like regular texting, the Hi Marley platform allows for photos and videos to be sent. This feature is key for making the lives of policyholders and claimants easier. They can send photos and videos of accident scenes, vehicle and property damage, workers’ compensation injuries, and more.

In addition to helping customers, Merchants’ managers can track and view all conversations and usage data through the application-collected analytics. This allows continuous optimization of user experience.

Ken Carter, Merchants’ Vice President of Claims, said, “The platform provides a means of instant communication with our customers, enabling them to communicate using the latest technology… the feedback from customers and our colleagues has been terrific.”

Furthermore, Merchants’ Claims Manager Jonathan Perkins said, “Our results with Hi Marley were very good right from the start—a good percentage of people [opted] in to text and the vast majority of comments and surveys were very positive.”

It’s no surprise that the texting service has been received so well. In fact, according to data reported on by Finances Online, “more than 50% of consumers would prefer text messaging over phone calls for customer support,” and “9 out of 10 consumers prefer to communicate with businesses through text message,” compared to all other forms of communication.

Merchants Insurance Group was the first insurance carrier to deploy the Hi Marley platform across all of its personal and commercial lines claims, including business, workers’ compensation, home, and auto.

The company Hi Marley was founded in 2017. As self-described on its About Us page: “Our messaging solution streamlines communication around claims, underwriting and policyholder service interactions… When customers are going through life’s tough times, we are creating a more simple and efficient process for them and their carriers.”

Merchants Insurance Group

Merchants Insurance Group

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