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On June 5, several Merchants’ Colleagues volunteered at The Teacher’s Desk, a store where teachers shop free for books, school supplies and teacher resources for students in their classrooms. Its mission is to distribute free school supplies to students in need, to encourage teachers and to provide purpose through volunteerism.

Merchants’ volunteers packed school supplies as part of the “Panchospack” backpack project, an initiative from the organization in honor of Pancho Billa, a long-time Buffalo Bills “mega fan” who recently lost his fight with cancer. The Teacher’s Desk organization is honoring his memory in his home state of Texas as well as in Western New York with this project. Children in both states in need will be receiving a new backpack filled with school supplies to get the upcoming school season started on the right foot.

Here are some quotes from our colleagues who participated in this service project:

“The students/teachers that are able to use this wonderful asset are able to thrive without wondering where they may be getting their supplies for the year… so they can focus on learning and not focus on what they may need and where they will get the money for it. I for one and humbled and grateful for being able to volunteer here. ” – Cari Hermann

“The energy, joy and efficiency that these volunteers have to fill such a need in the community is overwhelming and inspiring.” – Jocelyn Pitillo

“Truly an enlightening experience and very grateful I was able to participate!” – Judy Birke

“I was awed by the energy and enthusiasm of Robin, the Assistant Director.  She could not have been more welcoming and appreciative” – Ginny Winkworth

Robin Penberthy, the Associate Director of The Teacher’s Desk, Inc. sent Bob Zak, Merchants’ President and CEO, a thank you letter, which said, in part,

“Your people were so hard working, so friendly, so much fun to have.  Thank you for your leadership in allowing your employees to go out in the community and truly make a difference.”

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