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Merchants Insurance Group Producer Training School 2021

Merchants Insurance Group’s 2021 Producer Training School Attendees: From Left Top Row: Ray Ricca III from Lupton and Luce; Jeff Roy from Clark Insurance; Brian Chapman from JD Chapman; Daniella O’Meara from Kane Insurance; Amy McCormick from Blue Line Insurance; Amanda L’Hussier from L’Hussier Insurance; Christian Harrah from Harrah & Associates; Shawna Jenks from Jenks Family Insurance; Enzo Sa from Amazonia Insurance; Joe Maley from Lawrence Dye; Ryan Marshall from Marshall Insurance Services; Jennifer Vizza from Market Alternatives; Tess Dempsey from Aversa Agency; Adam Kahabka from Emerling Floss Murphy & Associates. From Left Bottom Row: Wilson Riccardo from Gearhart Herr; Jessyca Batcho from Niagara National; Keith Bouvier from Core Benefits; Tony Perez from Stahlka Agency; John Smith from Secur-All; Bill Murray from Colstan & Associates; Courtney Lynn from Weed Ross; Lauren Czora from Weed Ross; Sarah Lawrence from Merchants Insurance Group; Alessandra Ventura from Miranda Insurance Services.


Merchants Insurance Group hosted its 2021 Producer Training School from November 7th through November 12th. While this is traditionally an annual event held by Merchants, in 2020 it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Merchants’ concern for the safety of all parties involved. 2020’s postponement made this year’s Producer Training School an especially celebrated gathering, as Merchants is able to begin renewing its commitment to fostering in-person relationships. This event paralleled Merchants’ resumption of its Territory Managers traveling “into the field” to visit agent partners at their agency locations.


bob perno corporate sales manager merchants insurance group


Merchants’ Producer Training School is a week-long program tailored for insurance professionals with at least six months experience in the Property & Casualty insurance industry. One of the highlights of Merchants’ Producer Training School is “The Dynamics of Selling,” an insurance-specific sales program that insurance professionals of all experience levels will find immense value in. In this program, new producers find unique ways to increase their sales skills, and experienced professionals discover tips to energize and enhance their sales techniques.



Dynamics of Selling guest speakers included Joe Coccimiglio, President of Lincoln Insurance and Bonding Group and Griff Griffith, Principal at GMGS Risk Management & Insurance Services.  Dean Minuto, an award-winning speaker of Vistage Worldwide, presented his innovative YESCALATE ® – Get to Yes Faster program and Merchants Insurance Group’s own Frank Simpson, Territory Manager, educated attendees on how to effectively sell Merchants’ commercial lines products.


merchants insurance group producer training school 2021 guest speakers joe coccimiglio griff griffith dean minuto frank simpson


Additionally, Merchants’ Producer Training School is a chance for attendees to meet other insurance professionals from different locations and with different backgrounds, allowing them to learn from each other’s varying or similar perspectives and experiences. Each day of the program consists of group meals, allowing the group time to get to know one another, continue their discussions from the seminar, and dive into new discussions that flow naturally. By the end of the week, attendees not only come away with enhanced production skills, but also new friendships and professional relationships.



Guests of the program also gain the opportunity to meet some of Merchants’ corporate colleagues, putting “faces to the names” and allowing them to discuss topics specific to Merchants’ products and processes. The program is hosted by Bob Perno, Merchants’ Corporate Sales Manager, who guides attendees through the week’s activities, as well as shares his own insights and sales training. This year, despite Producer Training School not being hosted at Merchants’ corporate headquarters, attendees were also joined by the following Merchants Insurance Group guests throughout the week: Charles Makey, President; Dan Bierbrauer, Sr. Vice President of Regional Operations; Sarah Lawrence, Territory Manager; Frank Simpson, Territory Manager; Erica Dalton, Digital Content Lead; and Kyra-Jade Lewis, Associate Video Developer.


merchants insurance group producer training school 2021 agents and president charles makey


Merchants Insurance Group Producer Training School

On the last night of Producer Training School, attendees sang a surprise song they wrote thanking Merchants’ Bob Perno for orchestrating the week-long seminar. On the piano: Ray Ricca III.


Merchants Insurance Group extends a heartfelt thank you to all Producer Training School attendees and speakers. Congratulations to all attendees on completing the program!

To learn more about Merchants Insurance Group’s annual sales training program, visit our Producer Training School page. If you’re interested in becoming an agent partner with Merchants, visit our Become an Agent page.



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