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10 Reasons to Purchase Your Insurance from an Independent Insurance Agent

An independent insurance agent partners with multiple insurance carriers, meaning the agent can sell insurance from any of its carriers rather than just one business. What is the benefit of working with an independent insurance agent for your insurance needs?

Here are 10 reasons to purchase your insurance from an independent insurance agent:


  1. Independent agents work for YOU, not the insurance companies. Their primary job is to represent you, the customer.1
  2. They study your specific needs and budget, making sure you have the coverage you need at a price you can afford. They also work to find discounts that may help lower premiums while still maintaining the coverages you need.2
  3. Receive fast quotes from multiple insurance companies. Since an independent agent isn’t tied to any one insurance company, you’ll receive more balanced information. The more companies they can check, the better your chances of getting the best deal for your needs.3
  4. Save time and effort. Since the agent is knowledgeable in many different carriers’ coverages, as well as your needs, you can get information quickly. Independent agents know which companies are looking for your business and which can fit your needs.4
  5. Wrap up coverages with one agent. By using an independent agent, you can get multiple coverages with just one agent who can guide you in the right direction.
  6. You can build a strong, personal relationship with your agent, who will look out for your interests. If rates start to increase or coverages change, for example, he or she can let you know and provide suggestions. Even if you switch companies, you can stay with the agent who knows you best.5
  7. Independent agents are licensed professionals. Many states require agents to pass a licensing exam, specific to the type of insurance policies he or she sells. An agent may also need continuing education requirements, which means you’re getting an agent who is up to date on the latest laws and statutes.6
  8. Help with filing claims. If an incident occurs, you can report it to your agent, who will then let the insurance company know. Your agent can assist you in filling out claim forms and even advocate for you.
  9. Independent agents are trained in risk assessment. An often overlooked area, a risk assessment can help you identify areas of risks in your operations before an incident occurs.
  10. Your unique geographic area. Since independent agents live in your community, they are familiar with problems common to the area, for instance, coastal areas and the problems commonly encountered. These agents can provide information about unique risks and what you can do to lessen them.


At Merchants, we exclusively partner with independent insurance agents for the benefit of our customers like you. Interested in using an independent agent for your insurance needs? Please visit our “Find an Agent” page to find an independent insurance agent in your area.



*Originally published March 24, 2021. Last updated June 28, 2024.


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