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 Welcome to another episode of IDKs & FAQs: Insurance Defined with Merchants Insurance Group!

In the last episode, Sherri Oliver, Product Specialist II at Merchants Insurance Group, explained what workers’ compensation (commonly referred to as “workers’ comp”) is and why it’s important. If you missed it, click here to watch!

Today, Sherri joins us again to answer a question about workers’ comp:

“Do I need workers’ comp if I work alone?”

The short answer? Yes! Workers’ comp still provides protection even if you work alone. Watch the episode above to learn how!


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screenshots of previous episodes of IDKs & FAQs with text that reads "IDKs & FAQs: Insurance Defined with Merchants Insurance Group"

IDKs & FAQs: Insurance Defined with Merchants Insurance Group

We know that insurance can sometimes be a confusing and even intimidating subject, but it doesn’t have to be. In this video series, industry experts at Merchants Insurance Group share their expertise! Each episode answers your questions, from defining insurance industry terms to specific questions about Merchants’ coverage options.

Explore other episodes of IDKs & FAQs: Insurance Defined with Merchants Insurance Group, where we answer questions such as:

How do I select new coverage for my business?
  • In the first episode of IDKs & FAQs, Territory Manager Danny Marmion talks about business insurance — specifically, how an independent agent can help you select new coverage for your business. What do we mean by “independent agent”? What are the benefits of using an independent agent to purchase your insurance? Where should you start with finding new coverage for your business? How do you know what insurance your business needs? This episode answers these questions and more!
What should I do if I get into a car accident?
  • In this two-part episode of IDKs & FAQs: Claims Spotlight, Derek Guarino, Customer Experience Supervisor at Merchants Insurance Group, shares what you should do if you are involved in a car accident.
      Does Merchants have a self-service online portal for customers?
      • This episode highlights some of the resources available to our policyholders in our MyMerchants policyholder portal, with the help of Audrey Webb, Corporate Services Support Center Supervisor.
      What is inland marine coverage?
      • Josh Gavlock, Product Specialist I at Merchants Insurance Group, explains what inland marine coverage is, what it covers, and why it’s important for contractors to understand this component of their insurance!
      What is an auto claim, and when should I file one?
      • Derek Guarino, Customer Service Supervisor, explains what an auto claim is, when to report it, and why it’s important to report your auto claim to your insurance.
      Does Merchants offer paperless billing?
      • Audrey Webb, Corporate Services Support Center Supervisor at Merchants Insurance Group, explains how our customers can opt into paperless, electronic communications from Merchants rather than standard mail!
      Does Merchants have an automatic billing option?
      • Rachel Reid, Team Leader in Merchants’ Support Center, explains the option our policyholders have to pay via electronic funds transfer (EFT), a secure service that allows you to automatically pay your bill directly from your bank or credit union.
      Why should my business have commercial auto coverage?
      • In this episode, we talk about commercial auto coverage. What is commercial auto coverage? Why does your business need it? What does a commercial auto policy cover that your regular, personal auto policy doesn’t? This video addresses these questions and more with the help of Kelly Kompf, Associate Product Manager II at Merchants Insurance Group. 
      What is a deductible?
      • Derek Guarino, Customer Experience Supervisor, answers questions about deductibles, such as:
        • What is a deductible?
        • What’s the difference between a high deductible and a low deductible?
        • How can I determine which plan is right for me?
      Why should I insure my business with Merchants Insurance Group?
      • Sherri Oliver, Product Specialist II, talks about the wide variety of insurance products that Merchants Insurance Group offers and how our coverage can protect your business. She’ll tell you why Merchants is a great fit to protect your business and how you can find out more about our business insurance options today!
      What is workers’ compensation?
      • Workers’ compensation, commonly referred to as workers’ comp, provides essential protection to employees in the event of a work-related injury or illness. In this episode of IDKs & FAQs, Sherri Oliver, Product Specialist II, explains what workers’ compensation is, how it works, what it covers, and why it’s so important to have.

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