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Preparing Your Business for Cyber Monday

By November 26, 2019December 2nd, 2022No Comments

For Cyber Monday, make sure your business is ready to handle the influx of sales through the web.

Your online presence:

Make sure that your website has the basic business information correct and up-to-date (such as location, hours, phone number, etc.).  

Update your email promotions. Here are a few things to remember when creating your emails.

  • Add a sense of urgency with your subject line, using terms such as “Cyber Monday”, “Save”, “Don’t Miss”, “Sale” or the percentage of savings to entice customers to open your emails.
  • Make sure your customers recognize you when they receive your email. Your emails should clearly display your brand (logo, images, subject lines) to improve your chances of capturing your reader’s attention.

Keep your social media sites up to date. Make sure hours, business location, and promotions are prominently displayed and accurate. And don’t forget the power of showing your product or service to their best advantage with colorful, high-quality photos.

An overall strategy for your sales:

Prepare your business ahead of time with some business basics. 

Decide how long you’ll run your Cyber Monday deals. Many businesses run Cyber Monday deals for at least 24 hours, sometimes beginning them before Cyber Monday itself. You can also hold longer “cyber weeks” or “Black Friday” weekend sales.

Think about bundling products together. Consider offering a set of sample products on Cyber Monday. It gives new customers a chance to try your products, and it gives loyal customers a chance to stock up on favorites. 

Revisit your gift wrapping and packaging. For Cyber Monday, you could offer free gift wrapping or expedited shipping, for example. In addition, consider sustainable packaging for the holidays. Going green will appeal to environmentally-conscious shoppers and could be a talking point for customers on social media. 

Cross-promote your products and other sales. Not only does this allow your customers to see other products or services you offer, but you have the added benefit of helping customers who may be at a loss for those hard-to-shop-for gift recipients. 

Review your shipping policies: Consider offering free shipping on Cyber Monday, even if you don’t at other times of the year; free shipping on all orders, or orders above a certain price-point, is a very powerful temporary selling feature.

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