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Tips For Getting Better Sleep

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Refreshing sleep is of huge importance when staying healthy. Better Sleep Month is supported by the Better Sleep Council (BSC), which aims to raise awareness about the benefits of better sleep and how poor sleep can disrupt our lives.

Tips For Getting Better Sleep:

  • establish a consistent sleep schedule by sleeping at the same time each day of the week (including weekends).
  • relax before sleeping. Prior to sleep, limit any stimulating activities such as exercise and work. Perform activities that you may find relaxing such as reading.
  • create an optimal sleeping environment. Your place of sleep should be dark, ventilated and of an appropriate temperature. Blackout blinds can help seal out light in the area. If possible, remove any distractions such as computers and TVs from the room. Ensure your bedding is of adequate quality and there is enough space in the bed if you share the bed with a partner (or a pet!).
  • a healthy lifestyle consisting of exercise and a healthy diet can contribute towards better sleep. Avoid alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine close to bedtime. Whilst alcohol may help some people to relax, it can disrupt sleep throughout the night.
The above is an excerpt from the article, “Better Sleep Month 2015” For more information, please visit

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