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Jason Gallo Receives Merchants’ 2023 President’s Award

From left: Charles Makey, III, President and Chief Executive Officer; Christine Schmitt, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; Jason Gallo, Manager, Technology Services & Security; Stephen Cross, Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Merchants Insurance Group has named Jason Gallo, Manager, Technology Services & Security, the recipient of the company’s 2023 President’s Award.

About President’s Award

Since 1987, Merchants has recognized one distinguished colleague each year with the President’s Award, celebrating the recipient’s contributions and commitment to the company. Nominated by members of senior leadership, candidates for President’s Award exemplify Merchants’ core values: integrity, respect, loyalty, teamwork, and the aspiration to improve.

About Jason Gallo

The recipient of the 2023 President’s Award is Jason Gallo. Charles Makey, III, President and CEO of Merchants Insurance Group, made the announcement at a Colleague Recognition celebration of the company’s 2023 achievements on Thursday, March 7, 2024.

Jason Gallo speaks with colleagues after receiving the 2023 President's Award

Jason Gallo speaks with colleagues after receiving the 2023 President’s Award

Throughout his 12 years with Merchants, Mr. Gallo has been fundamental to the company’s technological development. While initially hired to supervise Technological Infrastructure, he has received several promotions due to his performance, technical expertise, and dedication to developing his career. Since 2022, Mr. Gallo has been the Manager of Technology Services and Security, overseeing the company’s infrastructure and cybersecurity.

“Jason’s contributions to the company have been exceptional,” said Charles E. Makey, III, President and Chief Executive Officer of Merchants Insurance Group. “He embraces opportunities and challenges with a positive attitude every day. I am very proud to have Jason’s expertise on our Merchants team and honored to recognize him with our 2023 President’s Award.”

Mr. Gallo has made a substantial impact on Merchants Insurance Group throughout his tenure. One particular achievement that changed the trajectory of the company was Mr. Gallo’s role in preparing Merchants’ systems for remote work at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. He led his team to continually design and implement network enhancements, hardware upgrades, and virtual meeting tools to ensure that service remained uninterrupted during the course of the pandemic. Because of his efforts, Merchants still operates on a hybrid schedule, allowing colleagues the balance of valuable in-person collaboration and flexibility of remote work.


From left: Charles Makey, III; Jason Gallo; Stephen Cross

Jason Gallo receives President’s Award plaque From left: Charles Makey, III; Jason Gallo; Stephen Cross


While announcing Mr. Gallo’s award to colleagues on March 7, Mr. Makey shared a statement from his nomination letter, submitted by Stephen Cross, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, and Christine Schmitt, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer: “If Jason does not know the answer, he will work tirelessly with you to find it.”

His nomination cites his positive attitude and determination not only when helping colleagues resolve issues with technology, but in ensuring the safety and efficiency of the company’s infrastructure.


Jason Gallo, recipient of Merchants Insurance Group's 2023 President's Award

“I am honored to be chosen as the 2023 President’s Award recipient. I have the amazing opportunity to collaborate every day with so many talented colleagues. I am thankful to my team and to all the colleagues at Merchants who inspire me to take on unique challenges and be a part of our company’s continued success!”

-Jason Gallo, Manager, Technology Services & Security


Mr. Gallo also leads one of Merchants’ annual philanthropic initiatives. Each year, he coordinates the company’s participation in Sunnking’s e-Scrap for Camp, a two-week event in which local businesses are encouraged to recycle old or unused electronics. Sunnking then donates all funds raised throughout this initiative to Camp Good Days, a not-for-profit organization providing summer camps, adult retreats, and other activities for children, adults, and families affected by cancer.

Jason Gallo will join the ranks of previous President’s Award winners, listed on the first floor wall of Merchants Insurance Group’s corporate headquarters in Buffalo, New York.

Katherine Trautwein

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