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Policyholder Shares Incredible Testimonial

When Bill Vobis walked home from a neighbor’s house late one evening, he noticed something odd; his driveway was empty.

He was puzzled. He knew his wife had been home that night, but she would’ve called him if she needed to go somewhere at that late hour. When he went inside the house, he saw his wife fast asleep and quickly realized what had happened.

Someone had stolen their vehicle.

Immediately, he called the Suffolk County Police Department.

The next morning, he notified his insurance agent, Corsitto Insurance Agency, and contacted his carrier, Merchants Insurance Group, to report the stolen vehicle claim.

Corsitto Insurance Agency is “A Name You Can Trust!”

Corsitto Insurance Agency, located in Seaford, NY

Corsitto Insurance Agency, located in Seaford, New York

Corsitto Insurance Agency, located in Seaford, New York, has been appointed with Merchants Insurance Group since April 2013.

For Bill Vobis, though, Corsitto has been a trusted friend for decades. The family-owned business has been his insurance agency for over thirty years.

“He’s always been there for me,” Bill said of Joe Corsitto. Corsitto Insurance Agency continually provides “advice and sincere caring” the way only a local business could.

Joe’s father, Thomas B. Corsitto, founded the agency in 1965. Today, Joe and his brother, Jack, run the family business, continuing their father’s focus on providing exceptional service to all clients.

As an independent agency, Corsitto Insurance Agency partners with several carriers and can provide each client with the coverage that best suits their needs and budget.

Eight years ago, Corsitto suggested Bill switch carriers to Merchants Insurance Group.

Policyholder and agent hold "Merchants Insurance Group" sign in front of Corsitto Insurance Agency

Policyholder Bill Vobis with his trusted insurance agent, Joe Corsitto of Corsitto Insurance Agency

Merchants’ Investigative Work Begins

When Bill reported the stolen vehicle to Merchants, he was contacted by Rob Ader, Investigator II in Merchants’ Special Investigation Unit.

Rob Ader, SIU Investigator II at Merchants Insurance Group. Rob located the policyholder's stolen vehicle.

Rob Ader, SIU Investigator II at Merchants Insurance Group

Rob Ader has been with Merchants Insurance Group since May 26, 2015. He worked with his previous carrier for 11 years and has developed an extensive background in claims and investigation over his 19-year career in the insurance industry.

“Rob’s work as a special investigator at Merchants is at the intersection of insurance and law enforcement,” said Ken Carter, Vice President, Claims Operations at Merchants Insurance Group. “He conducts investigations with creativity, diligence, a service orientation, and compassion for victims of insurance related crimes.”

In the days and weeks that followed, Ader kept in contact with Bill Vobis, providing regular updates on the investigation and the claim process. Bill praised Rob’s ability to empathize with the unfortunate and frustrating situation he was in.

“His calm demeanor and professional attitude went a long way in getting me through the process,” Mr. Vobis said of Rob Ader. “He made me feel assured that everything was being done to help recover the vehicle if possible and process my claim in a timely manner if it wasn’t.”

Recovering the Vehicle

Unfortunately, after thirty days passed, hope of recovering the stolen vehicle had dwindled.

Rob Ader advised Bill Vobis on the next steps they’d need to take; Bill would gather the title and remaining keys, and Rob would begin processing the claim. Bill stated that he planned to send the title and spare keys the following Monday.

On Friday, though, he received a call he hadn’t expected from the New York Police Department.

According to the NYPD, his vehicle had been located, and the suspect was in custody.

“I couldn’t believe my ears,” Vobis said.

When he called to notify Rob, he received more surprising news.

Through his diligent investigative work, Rob Ader had located the vehicle and alerted authorities.

“You could have knocked me over with a feather!” said Mr. Vobis.

Bill retrieved his vehicle and was pleased to see that, despite the month that had passed, it was still in good shape.

Left: Policyholder Bill Vobis with Joe Corsitto, Corsitto Insurance Agency

“I would like to acknowledge the National Insurance Crime Bureau and the New York Police Department for their roles in solving this crime in conjunction with our Special Investigation Unit,” said Ken Carter.

Thank you, Bill Vobis, for allowing us to share your story! We’re thrilled that your vehicle was recovered, and we’re proud to have Corsitto Insurance Agency as an independent insurance agent partner.


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About Corsitto Insurance Agency

Located in downtown Seaford, NY, we are a family owned agency proudly serving our clients and community for almost 60 years! We offer complete insurance services for all personal and commercial needs.

Why Corsitto?  It’s a name you can trust!


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