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IDKs & FAQs: Merchants’ Automatic Billing

Welcome to IDKs & FAQs: Insurance Defined with Merchants Insurance Group!

In this episode, we’re covering a question we often get from our policyholders:

Does Merchants have an automatic billing option?

Yes! Merchants offers our policyholders the option to pay via electronic funds transfer (EFT), a secure service that allows you to automatically pay your bill directly from your bank or credit union. Plus, there is no FEE for this method of payment!

 In this episode of IDKs & FAQs, Rachel Reid, Team Leader in Merchants’ Support Center, explains how EFT payment works and how you can enroll. Watch the episode above!


IDKs & FAQs: Insurance Defined with Merchants Insurance Group

In this video series, the industry experts at Merchants Insurance Group answer YOUR questions about all things insurance. Some episodes focus on industry-wide concepts or specific insurance coverage options, while others are geared toward our Merchants customers to answer common questions you have for us, your insurance carrier.

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