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IDKs & FAQs: Merchants’ Self-Service Online Portal

Welcome to IDKs & FAQs: Insurance Defined with Merchants Insurance Group!

In this episode, we want to highlight some of the resources available to our policyholders. 

Today’s question:

Does Merchants have a self-service online portal for customers?

Merchants is committed to continually optimizing our policyholders’ experience! One of our ongoing initiatives to enhance YOUR experience as a Merchants customer was the recent launch of the refreshed My Merchants policyholder portal, now offering text alert options for billing and policy documents.

Audrey Webb, Support Center Manager at Merchants, joins us for this episode. Watch the video above to learn more about our secure, self-service My Merchants portal and text alert options available!


IDKs & FAQs: Insurance Defined with Merchants Insurance Group

In this video series, the industry experts at Merchants Insurance Group answer YOUR questions about all things insurance. Some episodes focus on industry-wide concepts or specific insurance coverage options, while others are geared toward our Merchants customers to answer common questions you have for us, your insurance carrier.

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